Seattle Area Repair & Restoration

Services available for the majority of retro hardware including game consoles, audio equipment, CRT Televisions.

Console Repair

We specialize in console repair for generations that predate the PS4/XBOXONE era.

Common Manufacturers/Models

  • SEGA
  • NEC
  • SONY
  • Atari

CRT Restoration

Sony Trinitron Consumer devices and PVM CRTs are our specialty. We stock supplies and manuals for the majority of Trinitron devices.

Other makes and models may be eligible for services on a case by case basis, just ask and we’ll figure it out!

Retro Modifications

Popular Console Mod Makes

  • PixelFX
  • Black Dog Tech
  • Sega Triple Bypass
  • OpenXenium
  • Unibios
  • RGB Mods